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Idaho Dentist List

A complete list of marketing information for dentists including name, address, email, fax, and phone number for Idaho.

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Included Information 3446 Records

NPI Physician Name or Practice Name (3446)
Title Mailing Address (3446)
Mailing State and Zip Phone Number (3446)
Fax (57) Email (115)
Gender Specialty & Specialty Code

Updated Database of Dentists in Idaho

The Idaho Dentist List compiles hundreds of Dentists working in just in Idaho making it an easy way to target dentists in the location you need. This database includes more than just general dentists, specialists such as Orthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, and more are included at no additional cost. Export the data in Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL, and CRM's with our universal CSV format. Jump right into your campaign with a targeted Dentists directory and find Dentists in Idaho interested in your service or product. 

If you are looking to market your product or service to a specific geographic area, then choosing one or multiple states rather than the purchasing all of the United States is a great way to keep costs low. The database breaks down each Dentist record by county, city, and zip code, so you can customize your campaign by smaller geographic areas and make your message relevant and effective.

Successful campaigns don't need to be expensive, you just need the right tools. If you are looking for an affordable way to market your product or service to Dentists in a specific location, then our downloadable database of Idaho Dentists is definitely the marketing tool you need to produce the results you want. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is your data? Our data is incredibly accurate. However, revisions to the data is constantly underway to make sure it is current and accurate. Many changes occur throughout any given year due to dental office relocation and changing phone numbers.

Where do you get your Dentist List marketing data? We get our data at the source. While where we get our data is a trade secret, we guarantee that our data comes from the authority on U.S. dentists.

How often do you update your data? As mentioned earlier, we are constantly updating and revising our data as known changes become available.

Do you charge more when you update your data? No.  Unlike our more expensive competitors, we do not charge more or raise our prices when we update the data.

How can I obtain a sample of your data? Click on the link in the main menu of the site.

Can I share the data for public use? As stated in our Terms of Use, you cannot make our data publicly available. You may use it in your company however you like. You can also use the database to return results for your customers. However, you may not make the database available for download to anyone outside of your company.

When and how do I obtain my data? As soon as your order is processed, instructions will be emailed to you and the data will be available for you to download immediately.

Do you offer hard copies of your data? We do not offer hard copies of our data. We do, however, offer up to 3 downloads of our data. This helps in situation where the data is accidentally deleted.

What are the laws associated with marketing to these contacts? The CAN-SPAM Act and the DNC Registry Act are laws that we expect our customers to be familiar with before using our data.

What format does your data come? We deliver our data in a CSV format.

Are you compliant with DNC laws? Yes, our data is DNC compliant.

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