Top Ways to Market Your Product to Dentists

Direct Mail to Dentists

Nothing says, “check me out!” like a colorful promotional flyer that sits on the work desk or kitchen table of your dentist leads. Direct mail allows your prospects to tangibly hold your advertisement, and the dentists are much more likely to see and read what you send them as opposed to other methods. In fact, more than three-quarters of people sort through their mail each day which means that the majority of people on your target list will at least read your company name and get a glimpse at what you have to offer. Once in their hands you will have their undivided attention, and though it may only be for a few seconds, those few seconds could be all they need to have a positive experience and bring them one step closer to a purchase.
With a direct mail approach, there is an added measure of trust between you and the recipient. Unlike emails there is no threat of receiving a virus and unlike phone calls there is no pressure to give an answer on the spot. The recipient has the freedom to look over the product and do some research before deciding to proceed and they can move at their own pace.
Many companies have converted to advertising completely online, whether through email or paid advertising, and the typical user is bombarded with more content than they can handle. Dentists, as we all are aware, are extremely pressed for time and some just do not have the time to read each email they receive. You may easily be competing with twenty other emails the physician received that day, and unless yours can stand out in the crowd, it may simply be passed over.
Direct mail on the other hand has much less competition, it requires more time and resources to create and so many companies choose not to use this approach which makes it easier for your message to get attention.

Telemarketing to Dentists

Calling is the most direct way to convey information and create a personalized experience for your leads. When it comes to calling dentists, it may be a little tricky catching them when they are not with a patient, but most dentists set aside time for desk work and to respond to calls from phone messages received during the day.
With phone calls, it can be clear whether your dentist leads are interested in the product or not, and concerns can be solved easily because prospects have the opportunity to ask questions upfront. Some of your target prospects enjoy talking to a person over receiving a letter or email because they can ask questions that pertain to them personally.

Email Marketing to Dentists

Contacting dentists leads through emails is one of the quickest ways to reach your target dentists. Emails are sent instantaneously and can be created and delivered on the same day. The dentist recipients can view the email anytime they like and if links to a website are presented dentists can easily find out more information with the click of a button.
Customizing your promotions is much simpler with the email approach as leads can be divided into categories based on age, specialty, and geographic location. Leads who respond with interest can have more frequent emails sent to them that are targeted around the specific product they want.
Email marketing may reduce the amount of time and money spent on a marketing campaign because in some cases is can be managed by one person. Other methods such as telemarketing required more employees in order to call thousands of leads, or direct mail which requires printing and delivering thousands of letters.
When it comes to selecting which method is right for your business, keep in mind factors such as dentist specialties, how quickly you want to reach your leads, and how your product will be best communicated and received by your dentist leads. The right campaign can dramatically increase the awareness and success of your brand and can be what connects you with the customers you want.
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