Dentistnet Ranks as a top Dental Blog

For general information about blogging we are big fans of the Modern Family Dental Daily by Dr Taj Haynes and regularly Tweet his articles. I recently saw an article that stated that dental offices should get their websites listed on every social media spot possible. I would have to agree with this statement to the extent that it is possible to do if time permits. However, it does take a lot of work. Getting those listings will hopefully give your dentistry web site good quality social media back links which will increase your search engine rankings. But because of the large number of social media sites, each office will have to concentrate on where they want to place the majority of their emphasis and time. It appears most dental offices with a social media presence utilize Face Book and Twitter.


Due to being included as a Top 10 Social Media Dentist, we decided to do a search for “top” and “best” dentistry blogs available on the internet since all of these top ten dentists have very nice blogs. We found several lists that contained excellent dental blogs. One of the best was Dentistnet.

We were pleasantly surprised to find several dentistry blog listings that had us ranked as one of the better dental blogs to read. We were not on a couple of the health care blog lists, but we were happy to find us listed on five different lists of top blogs in the dentistry field.

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