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Top Ways to Market Your Product to Dentists



nd the dentists are much more likely to see and …Click Here to Read the entire article

Traditional print is still alive in dental marketing

General-dentistTraditional print is still alive in dental marketing. In well populated areas, traditional print advertising is still very effective for Dentists. Circulars and newspapers continue to get a steady stream of patients into chairs. Less populated areas may require a more inbound approach for success. For Dentists, direct mail and partnerships with complementary businesses sees great results.

If you plan to do PPC pay per click ad campaigns, we recommend you focus on local keywords that specify your city or zip. E.g. ‘Root canal Provo, UT’ or ‘dental bridge 84604’. Email campaigns are also a very effective tool for a Dentist. All the information you need to support effective campaigns are available from

Henry Schein Dentrix – Practice Management Software

Henry Schein Dentrix, trusted by dentists for more than 20 years, leads the profession with 33,000 practices currently using the system to grow their practices. Award-winning tools provide superior charting capabilities, im-proved productivity, and superior imaging connectivity. It is what you need to build a foundation for the digital dental office. And with the Dentrix G5 Connected program, you can choose how you build your practice with Dentrix-compatible applications.

Dentistnet is the leader in dentist lists, and just like Henry Schein plays a major role in the dental industry.

Earlier Fluoride Distribution for Children Needed the ADA Recommends

It may be beneficial for children to be given fluoride even earlier than they receive it now, according to the American Dental Association.

Previous information suggested children receive fluoride by the time they were 6. This new information, however, suggests that children be administered fluoride even earlier. The new ADA recommendation states that children should be given fluoride as soon as their first teeth develop.

When children use fluoride toothpaste at an early age, it can lower the rate of decay. Research suggests that around one quarter of children develop a cavity before reaching kindergarten but more children using fluoride at an earlier age can lower that number.

The change in position on when a child should start using fluoride comes after a study from the Journal of the American Dental Association.

The study also indicated that pea-sized quantities of toothpaste can lead to a higher risk of fluorosis when toothpaste is ingested. Children younger than 3 should use smaller amounts of toothpaste. The ADA recommends parents watch their children clean their teeth to make certain the children spit out the toothpaste as opposed to swallowing it.

More studies on fluoride will be conducted to determine when is the exact time children should initially use it. There are many different opinions regarding how people feel about fluoride and this information won’t change those beliefs.

Dentistry in America

Dentists in America contribute to the vital need of hygiene and comfort in today’s fast, demanding world.  Dentists



come in many varieties specializing based on certain needs. Pediatric dentists focus primarily on younger children and are trained in dealing with a child’s mouth.  Orthodontists work to straighten teeth using many methods, however, braces is the most common technique.  Orthodontists may use a dentist list to find customers.  Oral surgeons specialize in treating diseases of the mouth and faults in bone structure. They also work with damaged jaws, cheek bones, and other facial structures.  Periodontists are another class of dentists who focus on treating gum disease, they use a dentist list to acquire patients.

All dentists complete some form of school or another.  Potential dentists must complete at least two years of undergraduate school to be eligible to apply to dental school; however, most applicants have completed a bachelor’s degree.  They may keep a dentist list to chart their progress towards a degree.  Students must complete the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) to apply to any of the 56 accredited dental schools. A dentist list allows students to see what colleges they may apply to. Accreditation is performed by the American Dental Association.  Dental school lasts four years and can be very competitive to be accepted.  Dental specialists such as orthodontists and oral surgeons must complete an additional two years of specialty training.  Periodontists must complete three additional years in order to practice.

Dentistry around the world varies depending on the economic status of a country.  Dental therapists exist around the world performing many of the same procedures done by dentists.  However in the United States it is illegal for anyone but a dentist to drill teeth because of the irreversible consequences accomplished.  Those in authority may use a dentist list to monitor therapists.  In Taiwan, dental school takes place during the undergraduate years.  However, instead of studying for four years like most undergraduate degrees, Taiwanese students must study for six years in order to receive their DDS.  An entrance level test is required by applicants where only the top 3% scoring receive admission to the seven schools.  In Canada there are about 14,000 dentists compared to 140,000 in the United States. The United States has about ten times as many dentists as Canada, affecting a dentist list in many ways. In some provinces children receive free dentistry paid by the national government.  In the Netherlands children receive free dental work and most adults receive some sort of compensation.  Elderly citizens who have more expensive needs can also receive compensation.  In Israel there are only two dental schools, one in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv.    Iran also has programs which last six years for students.  There are 15 dental schools in Iran.  After graduating, men may need to fulfill two years of service in the military.

Top Dental Products

0712_AMD-LASERS_PicassoScotchbond Universal Adhesive

Scotchbond Universal adhesive is an easy-to-use, single-bottle solution that delivers uncompromising results in total- or self-etch mode. It is moisture-tolerant, exhibits high bond performance on both moist and dry substrates, is ideal for both direct and indirect applications, and can be used on all surfaces without additional primer.

Captek Nano Bridges by Argen

Captek Nano bridges offer superior aesthetics and long-term health protection for the abutment teeth compared to traditional PFM, lithium disilicate, and zirconia restorations. Two recent studies comparing Captek Nano and zirconia bridges showed cyclic fatigue did not have a significant effect on Captek Nano frameworks.


Spectra is a handheld, noninvasive imaging instrument that uses fluorescence technology to indicate the extent of decay with color and numerical readings. Early detection means more restoration and less excavation. You can use it during the caries removal process to ensure all carious dentin is removed.


AMD LASERS is the global leader at providing ultra-affordable laser technology for dental professionals preparing to take their practice to the next level. The integration of the Picasso line of soft-tissue dental lasers enables every dental practice to provide treatment for soft-tissue surgery, periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment, and laser whitening. And these are just a few top dental products that we have found to use in your dental practice!

Top 50 Dental industry blog

Our goal is obviously two-fold to help inform and educate patients and also to present interesting material to members of the dentistry community. In addition to our blog, we try to make our entire website a site with current information about dental lists. Please visit our website at for other information.

Dentistnet Ranks as a top Dental Blog

canstockphoto8672562For general information about blogging we are big fans of the Modern Family Dental Daily by Dr Taj Haynes and regularly Tweet his articles. I recently saw an article that stated that dental offices should get their websites listed on every social media spot possible. I would have to agree with this statement to the extent that it is possible to do if time permits. However, it does take a lot of work. Getting those listings will hopefully give your dentistry web site good quality social media back links which will increase your search engine rankings. But because of the large number of social media sites, each office will have to concentrate on where they want to place the majority of their emphasis and time. It appears most dental offices with a social media presence utilize Face Book and Twitter.


Due to being included as a Top 10 Social Media Dentist, we decided to do a search for “top” and “best” dentistry blogs available on the internet since all of these top ten dentists have very nice blogs. We found several lists that contained excellent dental blogs. One of the best was Dentistnet.

We were pleasantly surprised to find several dentistry blog listings that had us ranked as one of the better dental blogs to read. We were not on a couple of the health care blog lists, but we were happy to find us listed on five different lists of top blogs in the dentistry field.

Dental blog links

We’d like to share with you some top dental blog sites you can review to gain all kinds of great information. Brookside Dental was recently listed as a Top 10 Social Media Dentist by Dental and Health News which was really great and kept them wanting to do more to interact on the various social media platforms. Also, here is a link to some youtube videos they have. href=””>You Tube dentistry videos posted regarding our dental practice and patient testimonials and hope to produce more dental videos. In addition to following many interesting things in the field of dentistry, we have some favorite dentistry blogs that we follow, two of which are the Dental Heroes Blog. Of course you can always check out to meet your needs for dental lists.

Causes of Gum Pain

Pain in the gums is generally accompanied by swelling of tissues and gums around the jaws and teeth. This pain emanates from dental conditions like exposed tooth root, diseased jaw, nutritional deficiencies, dental cavities and worn out enamel. Gum pain generally increases while eating or chewing food and even while brushing the teeth. A painful or tender gum is not a disease in itself but an indication of an underlying disease that requires immediate attention.

Unlike what most people think, pain and inflammation in the gums is not a simple outcome of stiff brushing but is most likely a manifestation of vitamin deficiency, pyorrhea and gingivitis or gum infection. Cavities or dental plaques, extraction procedures and temporomandibular joint diseases can also cause gum pain.

Dental Cavities
One of the most common reasons for gum pain or tooth aches is dental cavity. These are small holes on the dentin and enamel, which are the outer layers of the teeth. The outermost layer, which is hard and white in color, is the enamel, and the layer below it is the yellow and soft dentin. Both of these layers protect the blood vessels and nerves inside the teeth.

Of the many bacteria in the mouth, there are a few that are capable of converting sugar into acid. These acids have the capacity to dissolve the enamel and dentin, which causes cavities. Most of the times, the cavities that are formed easily go unnoticed as they are very small in size and do not cause any pain. But if the cavity is large enough for food to get stuck or collected inside it, it will cause pain.

Gum Disease
Gingivitis or gum disease is the second most common reasons for pain in the gums. It roughly affects 20% of the world population. The soft tissues within the tooth get inflamed in case of gum disease. This could happen due to poor dental hygiene, infection or plaque formation. The sticky film that is formed on the surface of the tooth due to the acids secreted by bacteria is known as plaque. Initially, the patient will experience bleeding and pain in the gums. At this stage, the absence of proper dental care will cause the jaw bones to decay.

Many who experience a dental condition try to get rid of it with the help of home remedies such as using a mouthwash or changing the tooth paste. However, this is not in the best interest of your teeth’s long term health. Proper dental care can only be provided by a qualified dentist and in case of any dental discomfort, a dentist must be sought for.

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